AKVIS Draw 7.0.562.16799 Crack Mac Osx

AKVIS Draw 7.0.562.16799 | Mac OS X | 112.46 MB. 

With AKVIS Draw, you can turn your digital photos into pencil handmade, as well as true works of art!

The software is very easy to use. Thanks to him, you can make your images look realistic drawings by just one click! All you need to do is open the image in the program and adjust the settings to turn it into a work of art. The program can perform, very creatively, pen strokes that mimic the style of an artist

The program is equipped with adjustable parameters and different default and ready to use and allows for various types of drawings configurations. Besides giving life to sketches in black and white, the software allows you to create drawings with crayons.

Original imageDrawing color photo

Make your pictures look like drawn by hand with AKVIS Draw!

The program has the batch processing function, with which you can turn your pictures into a sketchbook or a storyboard in a matter of minutes.

Original imageDrawing black and white photo

The program supports batch processing feature that lets you convert all your photos in a sketchbook or a storyboard in a few minutes.

AKVIS Draw is available as a standalone (independent) program and as a plugin for most popular graphics programs for Windows and Mac OS X platforms A  license  defines editing and software functionality.

– The Standalone version is a standalone program, you can be opened by clicking on the program icon.

– The Plugin version is a complement to a photo editor, for example Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs.

Enjoy the benefits of free trial period to create different artistic designs!

Original imageDrawing color photo



What’s new in version 6.0:
AKVIS Draw mimics pencil sketches handdrawn art and line drawings. Version 6.0 provides the texture library updated, the new feature random patterns on the Frame tab, several interface enhancements, support for new RAW files and other changes. Discover the fastest way to turn a photo into a drawing!

In version 6.0:
Texture Library updated
The library of textures in the Frame tab has been updated! It offers an impressive array of new textures and patterns of high quality divided into subject categories. The pattern frame now includes two categories: stars and ornaments and doodles. Use new textures to create Christmas cards or invitation cards for special occasions!

Random patterns frame
frame pattern offers the new feature: random patterns! The option allows you to combine up to 20 patterns in a frame. Expand your creative horizons!

Interface improvements
The user interface has undergone several improvements. The check boxes on the tab Marco have been replaced with new icons for easy operation. Enabled tools on the toolbar are now marked with color to make it easier to distinguish between states enabled / disabled.

Also in the new version:
– support for more RAW files in the standalone version was added.
– improved algorithm for increased brightness patterns and textures;
– Fixed minor bugs.

What’s new in version 7.0:
AKVIS Draw transforms digital photos into pencil sketches drawn by hand. Version 7.0 provides new set of additional effects that contains a number of parameters to enhance the expressive power of an image. In addition, the latest version provides the Notifications panel, supports more RAW, new presets and file bug fixes. Add a different edge to your images!

Additional effects:
The new version provides additional processing parameters:

– Shadows. The parameter enhances shadows and adds depth to an image.
– Noise. Granularity setting adds to the picture, giving a rougher texture.
– Contrast. The setting makes the reflections are brighter and darker shades to make the image look sharper and more defined.
– Give your images additional expressive power!

Notification panel
The latest version offers the new notifications panel keeps customers informed about software updates and new products.

Also in the new version:
– updated the list of Presets;
– support for more RAW files in the standalone version was added.
– Fixed minor bugs.

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