Ample Sound AME2 2.5.5 Crack Mac Osx

Ample Sound AME2 v2.5.5 | Mac OS X | 2.89 GB. 


Ample Metal Eclipse II aims to bring the sound of ESP ESP Eclipse I your study. Tuning default is CGCFA D. Cycle + – Triple the number of sample cycles. Significant to play the strum in only to slightly delay the notes of bar chords, strumming achieving a more realistic optimization mode.

Pick Attack – Improves hit attack intensity. Capo Logic – Intelligent Play by the rules of the guitar. Doubling guitars: different samples in L & R. CPC (Control custom parameters) – any button, etc. It can be controlled by MIDI CC or automation. Poly Legato. Glides smoothly. Open chain first. Alternate tuner. Capo – Transposing without modifying midi.




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