Cloners + Effectors v1.2 Crack Mac Osx

Cloners + Effectors v1.2 | After Effects | 343 KB. 

Cloners + Effectors is an animation system procedures for After Effects. Especially useful to animate multiple layers simultaneously. It lets you animate using effectors instead of framing the key in each layer.

Create complex animations with many key layers and frames has always been a difficult and time – consuming.
With Cloners + Effectors can animate multiple layers simultaneously using a large set of effectors and falls. This workflow is well known in many 3D applications and enables you to create those complex animations in minutes. While it is remaining fully customizable.

Quickly set cloned into a linear, radial or grid pattern layers. These patterns can be controlled parametrically to create the exact result you are seeking. You can also use the cloner cluster and leave all their original layers clones, which facilitates the animation of text and illustrations.

Add one of seven powerful effectors to encourage their clones. Easily control the basic properties such as scale position and color. Or add any numerical or color parameter in the layer cloned with one click. You can even control the properties of any filter that has been added.




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