Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten Crack Mac Osx

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX Edition) | 315.38 MB

Defender’s Quest is a mix of Tower Defense and RPG (a combination of Final Fantasy Tactics and Defense towers). The game is focused on three things: the tactical side, personalization and history. This means no random encounters, no personajillos emo with spiky hair not have to spend an eternity and no repetitive and boring fighting.

The combat system is based on a Tower Defense, in which the individual characters act like towers. Each character levels up, learn skills and equipped with weapons and items individually, allowing you to customize the experience of combat and strategy. The overall structure of the game is like a game of “tactical” role, but with a combat system in real time. Game speed can be adjusted and executed actions even while the game is paused.

The story focuses on the characters captivate you from the beginning because it was originally written by a philologist. This story is dynamic, energetic and is always related to the gameplay so you do not miss a second. Finally, it has many accessibility options and settings, free to be able to have the best possible experience!

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