Dictionaries 1.3.1 Crack Mac Osx

Dictionaries 1.3.1  | macOS | 9 MB. 

Dictionaries exceeds Mac support for only a few languages, language support by installing and integrating deeply into macOS. Dictionaries work exactly like those of Apple and are available everywhere: in all its applications, Look Up and Spotlight. Wherever you enter text. 

That’s the best part about it : you do not have to use a dedicated application to access the dictionary. Instead, the application extends the application itself macOS dictionary and the built- in search functionality. The translation of an unknown word in English is always just a forced click or triple tap away. 

Also included: 
– Spellcheck (works in any application as well) 
– Recordings pronunciation
– Free Emojipedia, for when you’re not sure what that means emoji




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