DUSK Crack Mac Osx

DUSK | 1.53 GB 

DUSK reintroduces you into a world where you must master the carnage and bloodshed … if you want to survive until dawn. Inspired by Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Redneck Rampage and all your favorite 90s, with a soundtrack of music teacher Andrew Hulshult metal. 

In three different episodes of the campaign, handmade from 90, players will battle through an avalanche of blind mystic, possessed militants and even darker forces and try to discover what lies beneath the earth. With a vast arsenal of weapons including sickles rough, swords, crossbows, rifles, shotguns , double – barrel and double – barrel rocket launchers and grenades and incredibly necessary, DUSK offers unapologetically retro action from start to finish.

In addition to the main campaign, DUSK has an endless survival mode, which puts you front and center against wave after wave of relentless enemies. 

And for those seeking an additional challenge, DUSK also offers the opportunity to go face to face in line to fight against your friends in the multiplayer arena DUSKWorld, where darkness is home to the worst of humanity in surprisingly new ways …

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