Endless Space® 2 – Penumbra Crack Mac Osx

Endless Space® 2 – Penumbra | 10.59 GB

Endless Space 2: Penumbra presents the highly anticipated hack function, invisibility and a faction created by the community: Gloomy Choir.

The Shadowed Coro

The Shadowed Coro takes wandering in the universe from the beginning of time, silently watching the evils of the cosmos. At last they heard the agonized lament of the Endless Galaxy and decided to come to the aid of those who were suffering. 
The Shadowed Coro has only one hidden system throughout the game. However, they can expand their economy by building shrines in enemy or neutral anonymously systems. This faction relies heavily on his ability to not be detected and the splendid use they make hacking.


In the new Vista Scan, players can start hacking operation against other than their own system. During the hack, the player and its objective may establish offensive and defensive programs to alter their progress. If the hack is successful, the attacker can choose between several potentially harmful results.


Penumbra also includes new invisibility modules that allow your fleets infiltrate enemy lines undetected. However, there are several levels of invisibility and may be counteracted by all detection modules.

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