Franzis professional projects NEAT 2.24.02872 Crack Mac Osx

Franzis professional projects NEAT 2.24.02872 | Mac OS X | 147 MB. 

Capture monuments, squares and cityscapes without disturbing the tourists: how often have you waited in front of sights to take a moment when you can take the picture without disturbing the tourists. With the new professional projects NEAT 2 can do it easily and not have to wait!

WE will definitely ask how did this photograph!
Many people can walk in front of a popular subject of photography and still not see anyone in your photo. How does it work? They photographed your sight and only take several pictures of the scene in a row. You do not even need a tripod for this. NEAT projects 2 professional converts the series of images into a single image after loading with algorithms optimized motion again: Multiple exposures eliminate people from the image without having to do anything! Get one perfect image no people or cars who were upset against the subject of the photo.

+ Unique holiday Photos despite the crowds of tourists
+ Record cities and sights without disturbing people or cars.
+ Also perfect for portraits and group images into squares occupied
+ vacant spaces and parks ”
+ Photography of churches in and just hide away
+ Museums with a free view of all artworks
+ for architectural photos Professional

Picture perfect attractions without people walking photo
With the technique of multiple shots of a busy city scene with cars you can release whatever reason, do not even need a tripod or other support. NEAT projected 2 professional automatically detects moving objects and removed in the resulting image, at lightning speed and fully automatic. For this purpose, all the images are aligned by the software, pixel overlay each other. Then, all objects that are not in the same position in all images are eliminated because they are moving. Smart, right?

NEAT need everyone, everyone can NEAT
The question is not whether you need NEAT, but when. And NEAT projects 2 professional at some point! When the time comes, NEAT will be ready for all image files, either JPEG, TIFF or RAW.

It Includes Lightroom Export plug
from Adobe® Lightroom directly into NEAT projects 2 Professional, this is easy with the plug-in filter with all the features for Adobe® Lightroom. Simply select the desired number of images in Lightroom, export to NEAT 2 professional projects, edit and play back the resulting image!

NEW: Exhibition-Prediction: New procedure for automatic exposure correction image sequences
Differences exposure of individual images are deducted automatically, so the result is still more accurate. In addition, this feature can also be used to load bracketing exposure if exposure differences between individual images are not so great.

5 new fusion algorithms movement for improved removal and even clean all the elements disturbing image
+ Delete movement (soft)
+ Delete movement (very soft)
+ Add movement (dark)
+ Add movement (Bright)
+ Motion Add ( color)

NEW: melting profiles
Create, save and load their own profiles fusion movement now.

NEW: Module image composition
The composition module, you can easily add a more beautiful sky to your scene to perfect the image. Up to four masks are available, creativity has no limits! A little advice, by the way: for scenes like taking the Plaza de San Pedro, worth creating a small pool with beautiful shots in the sky to give a final touch to the occasion. But the composition module can do even more: you now have the option of providing parts of individual images with changeable textures. The result is an impression of completely new look and even more creative possibilities in the design of the image.

Minimum system requirements:
– 10/8/7, 32 bit and 64 bit
– Processor Core Duo
– 2 GB free RAM
– 2 GB hard drive
– Screen resolution 1,280 x 1,024 pixels
– Graphics card: compatible with Direct-X, 128 MB, color depth of 32 bits

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