Glyphs 2.6 (1192) Crack Mac Osx

Glyphs 2.6 (1192) | 30.3 MB

The font editor for everyone.
Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new fonts, modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

Sketch your font
Take a pencil and sketch a few letters. With a few tricks, you can easily digitize your sketches, and, step by step, create a full-fledged OpenType font.
More on sketching

Tools for type
The smart vector tools are optimised for the design of typefaces. Interpolated nudging, curvature control, dragging multiple handles at once, adding extrema and inflections, batch editing: all supported straight out of the box.
More on drawing

Requirements: OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor

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