Hot Door CADtools 11.2.3 Crack Mac Osx

Hot Door CADtools 11.2.3 | macOS | 159 MB.

Increasing chances of technical drawing in Illustrator 
CADtools is a plug-in Illustrator seeks to combine all the graphic and technical performance of this robust application of illustration, a collection consisting of 38 drawing tools, dimensioning and labeling; It concentrates ideal for expanding the horizon of your architectural projects, industrial design and technical power. 

Draw using multiple scales at once, resizes your work with the help of mouse movements, and numerically controlled objects. CADtools has been designed especially for industrial and other sensitive high measurement precision professional designers.

Easy installation and ergonomic use, CADtools distributes its tools in four different palettes, fully integrated into Adobe Illustrator, gathering the drawing tools, Dimensioning, Editing and Labeling. Each of the tools indicate the number of turning points, useful for editing and resizing of the various objects of your projects.

Designed by and for professionals in architecture, packaging and industrial design seamlessly integrates Adobe Illustrator, enriching it with their measurement tools Bezier curves with linear, polar and angular coordinates, dynamic resizing an object simple numerical data collection, integration and transformation CADtracker for instant replays, creating labels and legends, scales settings and more.




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