Hydra 4.2 Crack Mac Osx

Hydra 4.2 | Mac OS X | 22 MB.  

Hydra allows you to create amazing images with a wide dynamic range (HDR) by merging photos with different exposure levels to include lighter and darker subject of a scene. The result is a more natural or a more dramatic effect, as you seek instant.

A single photo may not represent the full dynamic range of light from a scene because of the physical limitations of the sensor. The image is too dark, too light, or both at once. Hydra makes it very easy to overcome this limitation by merging several photos with different exposure settings and create a natural image that resembles much more what you perceive through your eyes. And if you’re looking for more drama, Hydra can also help enhance contrasts to go a step beyond reality.

This new version of Hydra is optimized to take advantage of the new features of OS X and provides native support Metal with all the guarantees of performance, and interface more modern and intuitive user.

New features and enhancements
– Optimization Metal.
– User Interface translucent: elegant and intuitive.
– Alignment automatic or manual positioning and retouching images with high precision in real time.
– Manual removal of ghost using the tool bounding regions and the selection of the contribution of each region to the final result.
– 128 – bit internal format high precision.
– Significant improvement in tone mapping with presets and preview in real time and at full resolution.
– Advanced tool to compare the results with the original images.
– Import of one or several photos in different formats (JPEG, RAW, HDR, EXR).
– Ultra – fast rendering on multiple file types (JPG, TIFF, HDR, EXR) and color space (sRGB, Pro Photo, AdobeRGB, etc.).
– High – precision color processing, which includes support for deep and wide screens with colors (DCI-P3 display 30 bits of the latest version of the iMac 27 – inch).
– Integration with Apple Photos app (import / export).





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