iMac Cleaner 1.2 Crack Mac Osx

iMac Cleaner 1.2 | macOS | 7 MB.


Software clean and safe and efficient removal for Mac (ready to Mojave!)
The all in one application provides cleaning discs, Removing Applications, Memory optimization, Duplicate Finder, File Shredder, Manage items login, extension RAR Extract and WINMAIL.DAT to maintain the best performance of your Mac.

Keep your Mac at its best with iMac Cleaner

Cleaner iMac has proven to be one of the fastest tools that helps optimize and organize the Mac. It uses the latest secure technology to quarantine all viruses and suspicious threats that can destroy your computer by reducing it to death. This tool can carefully scan your entire computer and dispose of all potential threats system the easiest way.

monitors the use of disk space and CPU.
Record lasted scan time and the total space saved.
Quickly scan junk files, scan all applications on your Mac.
Thoroughly clean the memory of your Mac.
Cleaning smart trash
Junk Files application, incl. Application caches, logs, system caches, etc.
Clean mail attachments, junk files browser, incl. Browser history, cache, downloads , email, etc.
Get rid of junk files from iTunes, incl. Back up the old iOS device, update files iOS software, iTunes downloads, etc.
Remove localized languages, languages useless files in the application, but not including English and native language file.
Intelligent detection of the remaining files after uninstalling applications.
Cleaning duplicate
accurate and rapid detection of duplicate using the algorithm MD5 checksum.
Duplicate scan anywhere, whether one or more folders on internal and external hard drives, and also supports scanning photos or duplicates in iTunes.
Intelligently selects automatically duplicate files can then select the newest or oldest to delete files.
Check with different categories duplicate files, duplicate order by size, name, count and locate the file type and keywords.
Removal applications
scan quickly and complete all applications on your Mac and related junk files, incl. leftovers, registers, caches, preferences, crash reports, etc.
Intelligently select applications and their associated unwanted files automatically, you can choose to remove the applications that are used infrequently.
Secure technology to isolate all viruses, malware, etc. threats that could disrupt your Mac to slow down.
Find and delete all filthiness, incl applications. Advanced Mac Cleaner, MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, macfly Pro, etc.




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