iStumbler 103.43 Crack Mac Osx

iStumbler 103.43 | Mac OS X | 6 MB. 

A powerful yet easy to use application that helps you quickly find local wireless networks (AirPort or Bluetooth) on your Mac iStumbler is a utility light and easy wireless discovery to use that lets you view and analyze several Wi-Fi devices Bluetooth and Bonjour services with ease.

iStumbler comes with a simple and intuitive interface from which you can obtain relevant information about nearby wireless networks, Bluetooth devices and Bonjour services current location. Therefore, you can see a list of all visible WiFi networks with full information.

Thanks to the Inspector panel, you can view information such as the location of the network, the encryption method, security modes, the signal intensity over a given period and more.
Besides that, you can see a graph of high resolution and analyze changes in the signal strength and verify samples recorded by iStumbler.




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