League of Light: The Game Collector’s Edition Crack Mac Osx

League of Light: The Game Collector’s Edition | 790.96 MB

Mariaglorum presents the latest exciting adventure League of Light series!

What starts as a routine investigation quickly takes a deadly turn when you’re kidnapped. A strange group has launched a dangerous game you fight for your life. As you face other contestants, you and your partner trust scarecrows can escape game time? Discover this fascinating Hidden Object game!

See what our Beta testers had to say
. ” I loved, loved, loved it !!! Great game, unusual puzzles and hidden object scenes, compelling story and wonderful graphics Definitely a candidate for play of the year “- Melanie, beta tester
“I love the choices able to choose a voice, great three different story lines love the variety of puzzles !!!! Great job!?.” – Allan, beta tester

  • Solve the mystery of who made an entire city seems like Chapter Bonus!
  • Enjoy wallpapers, concept art and other extras!
  • Look at your accomplishments and complete an extra puzzles!
  • Use the helpful Strategy Guide!



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