MWeb 3.2.1 Crack Mac Osx

MWeb 3.2.1 | Mac OS X | 17 MB. 

Minimalist text editor that supports the Markdown markup language provides syntax highlighting, a night mode and multiple publishing options. 

Markdown Writing Pro
* UI Low, Dark Mode, optimized indent lists five editorial issues. 
* Markdown syntax and massive Markdown extensions Supported: table, TOC, mathjax Block closed and code syntax highlighting, code lists, Sequence and Flowchart, Footnote and more. 
* Moving the typewriter: `-` View` Scrolling machine write your
* Post / Upgrading to WordPress, MetaWeblog API services,, Evernote,印象笔记, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr. `-` Preferences` Publishing` to add publishing services. Click on the top right corner of `Share Button` to publish. 
* Support six issues live preview. View previous topic easy to customize. All topics can be exported to HTML or PDF. To open the live preview window, press CMD + R` or “ CMD + 4`. 
* Export to RTF, DOCX. 
* View support scheme. 

External mode and library mode
1. External mode (CMD + E): This mode design to create, open external Markdown document. You can add an external folder to this mode.
2. Library mode (CMD + L): This design mode for taking notes and static blog / generator websites. 

Shortcuts CMD + `or` E` View` – `Open External` to open the external mode. 
Shortcuts CMD + `or` L` View` – `Open biblioteca` to open the library mode. 

The external folder and documents in the library are compatible ** ** Full – text search, drag and drop or paste pictures in the editor and screen. `CMD + V` hit pictrue JPG, CMD +` `Shift + V hit pictrue PNG. 

Library mode to take notes
Library mode uses the category tree to organize documents, supports drag and drop or paste the pictrue insert and display immediately. Import external support Markdown or txt document library, a category or export documents to HTML, PDF or Markdown.




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