OmniOutliner Pro 5.3.1 Crack Mac Osx

OmniOutliner Pro 5.3.1 | Mac OS X | 39.22 MB. 


OmniOutliner 5 Pro – Outline: think, write, do. Create perfect profiles with a powerful and productive application. This is your tool commonly used for Mac with smart columns, scriptability, custom styles, templates and more.

What’s new in 5:
– Saved Filters PRO
– Document statistics
– Free Mode distraction
– Search resources
– support the touchbar
– Mode typewriter
– Dark Mode
– Customizable keyboard shortcuts Pro
– Sidebars Sliders
– Focus of several rows Pro
– OPML Mode
– Excel Export Pro
– Improved column width Pro
– style preview

consistent with the context Support for the latest Apple MacBook Pro. Get quick access to the most relevant controls.

Password Protection
Encrypt documents rather keep private. OmniOutliner can now encrypt documents with a password.

Smart Columns
Add columns to any document that deserves. The columns can be used to summarize the data, as the sum of your monthly budget numbers, or completely different type, such as a multiple – choice selection.

Audio recording
Record audio for posterity while taking notes in outline form. The recording is stored within the document and can be played to make sure you have everything right.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Customize shortcuts using OmniOutliner. It is used for another application shortcuts? Set them in OmniOutliner 5 Pro.

Saved filters
Not only you can instantly search keywords in the document or pictures marked, but OmniOutliner 5 Pro lets you save those filters in the sidebar.

Deslizantes inspectors
have dramatically improved full – screen mode by adding a preference to automatically hide what you do not need to see. Simply slide the mouse over the left or right of your screen to access the side or sides inspectors bar.

AppleScript support
Combine with AppleScript language beautifully documented library of OmniOutliner for serious automation.

Custom toolbars
Each document is different from the last, so do not get stuck using the same toolbar with each document. In Pro, create a specific toolbar document is saved in the file itself.




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