OS Cleaner Master Pro 2.8.7 Crack Mac Osx

OS Cleaner Master Pro 2.8.7 MAS + In-App | Mac OS X | 11 MB. 

For the health of your Mac (perfect support for MacOS Sierra)
OS Cleaner Master scans every centimeter of your system, eliminates gigabytes of garbage in just two clicks and helps you maintain the health of your Mac.

Cleaner (iTunes Junk, alias files , email attachments, duplicate files, large old files) –Pro
1. iTunes Junk: Search and list files backup iOS devices, iOS apps, iTunes Caches files, broken downloads, etc. You can delete them to free more space.
2. Files alias: Locate and list all the files on your Mac alias quickly. Eliminate useless files to free more space.
3. mail attachments: delete downloads local copies of email and attachments.
Locate and list all duplicate files on your Mac quickly: 4. duplicate files. Eliminate useless files to free more space.
5. large old files: Locate and list large files on your Mac. Delete files you no longer need to free up more space.

File Managers (storage files, movie files, audio files, PDF files and install packages) –Pro
Locate and list all files files, movies, audios, pdf and install packages on your Mac quickly. Eliminate useless files to free more space.

Tools (Uninstaller, Privacy, Shredders Extensions) –Pro

Eliminate all applications, including all associated files. applications and restores the initial state.
2. Privacy: Easily clean your chat history messages. and instantly delete your browsing history, along with traces of your online activity and offline.
3. Crusher: Quickly delete any unwanted file or folder without trace.
4. Extensions: safely remove any of your unwanted browser extensions.




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