Overload Crack Mac Osx

Overload | 4.21 GB

Revival Productions is proud to present the game shooting with six degrees of freedom of movement definitive: “OVERLOAD” the creators of the classic “Descent”. “Overload” combines extreme action with stunning graphics and effects to create the definitive shooter zero gravity. “Overload” presents an attractive campaign story mode for single player mode extreme survival multiplayer online support VR (Virtual Reality), and a variety of customization options which give the player an intense experience with a high level re-playability. Destroy robots, rescue survivors, flies through the air reactor and escape before the whole thing explodes!

  • A campaign story mode for single player with more than fifteen levels well acclimated FULL SIZE.
  • A ship and sixteen upgradable weapons with multiple options for improvement.
  • More than twenty types terrifying robots and three giant heads.
  • Over twelve levels in Challenge mode variants “Infinity” and “Countdown” changing the focus to “Survival” or “Efficiency”
  • A pulsating soundtrack by Dan Wentz (DESCENT II), Allister Brimble (DESCENT I REDBOOK) and Jerry Berlongieri (DESCENT III)
  • An epic story by the author of FREESPACE 2
  • Steam achievements and rankings
  • Level many challenges including lava, force fields, enemy turrets, encerronas, ambushes and secret rooms



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