RevisionFX RE: Match 2.0.1 Crack Mac Osx

RevisionFX RE: Match 2.0.1 | After Effects | 19 MB. 

REVisionFX RE: Match brings the intuitive color and texture matching to a whole new level to address common problems in multicam shots and stereo. RE: Match is a set of accessories to match a view of video or film with another, so it seems that was shot with the same camera and configuration. RE: Match assumes that both sequences of images are taken more or less in the same place, but perhaps not taken at the same time or the same view.

– Ability to correct the overall color of a sequence to match another.
– Ability to correct the overall color of a complete sequence according to a particular point in time, or may be performed separately for each pair of frames in both sequences.
– Possibility of an automatic color correction automatically (complete picture) based on a smaller window for each pixel image sequences.
– Works well with values bright and very wide dynamic ranges.
– The combination of stereo pairs fail the internal register by pixel using optical flow methods.
– The coincidence of stereo pairs into account occlusions.
– The coincidence of stereo pairs into account that the two images can not have the relevant details on some of the edges of the picture.
– The setting has stereo controls to details like reflections, lens flares and specular reflections that match between the two views.
– Methods provided to eliminate or mitigate artifacts in the lens (like water droplets in a lens).
– Because RE: Match uses the internal register of pixels, stereo matching does not require image alignment before use.
– display modes are provided to visualize and guide what RE: Match is doing internally.
– It is not limited to any particular resolution images.
– Works on all bit depths, including HDR images.




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