SizeUp 1.7.4 Crack Mac Osx

SizeUp 1.7.4 | Mac OS X | 5MB.


Powerful window management centered on the keyboard. SizeUp allows you to quickly change the size and position of your windows with keyboard shortcuts or icon handy menu bar.
Why you need SizeUp for window management

  • Fix windows in Mac OS X is tedious and imprecise. Even after dragging, pulling and dragging windows, complete with an inefficient use of your screen real estate available.
  • SizeUp will help you quickly resize and position of your windows to make optimum use of your screen while saving you time and frustration.

SizeUp at your command

  • SizeUp comes with a number of predefined actions to resize and / or move the front window of almost any application actions.
  • Safari, Finder, Pages, no matter, SizeUp work their magic to help windows instead.

SizeUp is highly configurable

  • Reserve space at the edges of your screen, which is ideal to access desktop icons.
  • Add some distance between the windows to avoid overlapping shadows.

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