A Better Finder Attributes 6.17 Crack Mac Osx

A Better Finder Attributes 6.17 | Mac OS X | 9 MB. 

Modify the attributes of files better than the Finder. 
Initially intended for webmasters, graphic designers and other programmers, A Better Finder Attributes also fits perfectly to the needs of ordinary maqueros when you need to modify automatically the properties of multiple files, quickly and efficiently. 

A Better Finder Attributes is a small context menu that can act directly on file properties, such as change the date and time of creation and / or modification of multiple files, change the visibility status of the extension of the files and, Finally, lock files so that they become immune to any attempt at change.

So far, these attributes change was synonymous with Hacking, making changes individually from ResEdit. But now, with A Better Finder Attributes You can make these changes to process multiple files at once, and with disconcerting ease.




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