Affinity Photo Beta Crack Mac Osx

Affinity Photo Beta | Mac OS X | 385 MB. 

Professional photo editing software for Mac. 
Affinity Photo redraws the boundaries of professional photo editing software for Mac after 5 years of hard work. With a meticulous focus on the workflow, you get sophisticated tools enhancement, editing and retouching images in an intuitive user interface with all the performance and power you need. 

Designed for professionals
• Open, edit and save files Photoshop® PSD 
• Color spaces RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and LAB 
• CMYK workflow from start to finish with ICC color management 
• Issue 16 bits per channel 
• Palettes open system color samples ASE and importing files Adobe brushes Adobe® .ABR
• Work with standard formats PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS and PDF 
• Zoom and Glide always 60ftps with previews, tools and editing in real time. 
• Open and edit many images without compromising performance or lack of memory 

Unmatched Productivity
• Full support for layers, unlimited, group layers, adjustment layers, filter layers and masks 
• Resize layers without losing quality. Lock, hide, duplicate and combine layers easily 
• Edit automatic filters, adjustments, modes blending effects and masks nondestructively 
• You can save the undo history with the document, so you can go back in later sessions
• Workspaces oriented tasks for development, the postproduction, liquefied and export 
• Work in one window, full screen or in floating windows with full freedom of customizing the toolbars and drag and drop panels 
• Vector drawing complete and text editing tools 
• advanced fit system with perfect pixel alignment when needed 
• Export @ 1x, 2x @, @ 3x from layers, sectors or entire documents – De continuously as you work! 

Professional image processing
• Open RAW files and other images in the workspace dedicated post
• Adjust the exposure, white point, brightness, intensity, white balance, shadows, highlights and much more 
• Retrieve the details that believed lost using the editing in a linear color space 
• Lenses advanced correction between which chromatic aberration, defringing, bullets and the best noise filters include 
• Paint areas or use degraded fully customizable color adjustment layers 
• See histograms, check the highlights, shadows and tones and learn EXIF details 

retouching tools and high – quality correction
• Selection tools brushes and intuitive touch that make selections easy task, even unruly hair
• Eliminate instantly unwanted objects using a removal tool paint incredibly advanced 
• Tools overexposure, underexposure, cloning, patch, removing blemishes and red – eye 
• Apply correction planes of single or dual perspective of high quality and meshes fully customizable deformation – in real time 
• Liquefied Person gives you control freehand on the screens, grinders, pinches, extensions and turbulence 

Developed for Mac
• Take advantage of the latest technologies in OS X including OpenGL, Grand Central Distpatch and Core Graphics 
• Use the Force Touch trackpad to paint with pressure sensitivity
• Fully optimized for 64 – bit systems and multi – core processors 
• Compatible with standard configurations, retina and multiple monitors – including iMac 5k 
• Compatible with iCloud Drive 





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