AfterCodecs 1.6.1 Crack Mac Osx

Autokroma AfterCodecs v1.6.1 | After Effects & Premiere Pro & Media Encoder | 12MB

Native AE provides you ProRes on Windows and h264 (X264 and X265) video codecs for quality and light exporter. 

AfterCodecs is a complement to queue for processing native After Effects that allows you to process directly to the codecs that are listed below. 
Need rendering ProRes on Windows? 
Do you want to directly process a small file size, high quality H264 directly from the processing queue After Effects? 
AfterCodecs can do so without requiring any intermediate file! 

ProRes LT / Proxy / Normal / HQ and even 444 that supports Alpha Channel. 
x264: the best implementation of H264 / AVC, surpassing both Adobe Media Encoder as QuickTime H264.
X265: files are 30% lighter than x264 and also supports a resolution of 8K. 
RGB x264: x264 like but avoid the YUV color space, the better to store channels in a separate video (UV map, Alfas …) only for advanced users.

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