AKVIS AliveColors 1.3.1831.16686 Crack Mac Osx

AKVIS AliveColors 1.3.1831.16686 | Mac OS X | 408.93 MB. 

AliveColors is a complete software editing graphics and photos for Windows and Mac. This program is self – explanatory is not only for professionals but also amateurs and beginners. Arouse your creativity with AliveColors!

AliveColors offers a wide range of tools, adjustments, filters and multiple effects, taking their photographs to the next level. Along with the characteristics of image enhancement, the software provides brushes and artistic filters that allow them to stylize photos and create images from scratch. The program also includes tools easy to use forms that are indispensable to design scalable vector – based graphics.

Ultra HD resolution support
AliveColors provides intuitive user interface with support for 4k and 5k screens. UI based vector is fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to customize your workflow.

Support for graphics tablets
AliveColors supports pressure sensitive that give you full control over the design process graphics tablets.

Multilingual UI
AliveColors supports multiple interface languages: English, German, French, Italian and Russian. You can change the language in Preferences.

Professional photo editing
AliveColors is equipped with all necessary tools to improve their photos to their full potential: advanced editing and image enhancement including noise reduction, improved focus and blur, repaving and retouching, retouch portrait, pitch correction, prepress processing, detail enhancement, selective color correction selection, HDR imaging, extraction of complex objects, adding and editing text, etc. The program also implements a comprehensive RAW editing functionality. To save time and effort, you can use the batch processing function that allows you to quickly process dozens of photos.

Retouching and photo restoration
Retouching tools program combines cutting-edge technologies, high performance and ease of use. You can not only restore damaged photographs and reconstruct missing parts, but also remove unwanted objects from images. In addition, you can maximize your portrait retouching techniques using fashion and beauty.

Realistic image colorization
The best feature of image colorization class gives you full control over the colors: from colorizing old photographs of family album black and white to replacing colors on color images.

Tools advanced form
The Shape tools allow you to create scalable vector – based objects that can be resized without loss of quality. Create eye – catching designs computer graphics, unique logos, stunning digital illustrations, backgrounds and models easily.

Precise selections made easy
Forget the selection techniques are time consuming. The inestimable masking tools allow you to automatically cut complex objects like hair, hair, clouds, glass, trees or splashing water! Refine edges apply the function to modify precisely the limit of picture elements difficult to select.

Adjustment Layers
Optimize and improve your digital images using Levels, Curves, Brightness / Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Black & White, etc. Experiment with color and tonal adjustments without damaging the original photo!

Creativity Unlimited
Combining advanced technologies with an artistic approach, drawing and painting tools professional level allow you to create freehand images from scratch or liven stock photos. For a quick result, you can apply unique artistic filters that transform pictures into beautiful paintings in real time. Place the resulting image in one of the frames built and choose a paper texture of integrated library. Digital masterpieces notes unfold before your eyes!

unique effects
The program allows extraordinary effects mimic natural phenomena or effects of light and star with one click. Make your digital look dramatically different scenarios putting the bright sun or a wonderful rainbow, or even a lightning bolt on it, and adding rain or snow, or a misty haze. In addition, you can apply filters Stylize as a semitone, Two keys, Texturing, polar coordinates, Extrude, move, Mosaic, Crystallize, posterize, and many others.




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