Archiver 3.0.4 Crack Mac Osx

Archiver 3.0.4 | Mac OS X | 17.34 MB. 

Files as easy as Pie. Archiver made working with files easy. But we knew there was room for improvement, so we intensify our efforts to make working with files even easier for you. Archiver 2 provides a new interface, a fast workflow and a quick preview.

Take a quick look. 
Say goodbye to the removal of all files in a file just to see what’s inside! With Archiver 2 you can take a look and see the files. And it gets better: Archiver allows you to extract only the files you really need. Everything is just a drag and drop away.

Drag-and-Drop Delicia.
Never again worry about file formats: the ability to drag and drop Archiver is back and smarter than ever. Just drag your files to the application and see Archiver take care of the rest.

Reduce images and music files. 
Have you ever tried to send an image to be told that the file is too big? Do your uploaded files seem to take forever? Enter the Archiver compression format 2 with which it can actually reduce image files and audio itself.

Archiver 2 is designed to make the most of your Mac, allowing you to do a lot more at the same time. And it’s so easy to make! More simply dragging files, the Archiver will extract from side to side once.

It’s a secret for everyone. 
Keep your private data, keep them safe! With Archiver 2 can protect your sensitive files by packing them in encrypted password protected files and entering the password you want to use.

Split and merge. 
Do you have a file too large for a disc or email? Archiver has always been great at splitting and merging files. With Archiver 2 you can now create split files. All you need to do is specify the size of each piece, and you’re good to go!

What ‘s New:
• Support for files tbz2
• Support for XZ files
• Limit set by the user in various tasks

• Clean task obscures the task
• occasional drop when entering passwords in multiple windows
• occasional shock to merge files




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