AudioFinder 5.9.24 Crack Mac Osx

AudioFinder 5.9.24 | Mac OS X | 26 MB. 


AudioFinder has been designed to satisfy the appetite of discerning musicians and audio samples hungry, they have managed to amass a lot of samples and now looking for a simple and effective way to navigate between them.

This is exactly the idea behind a AudioFinder a kind of émulo the Finder, but adapted to the characteristics presented by the audio files known as samples, in different formats like AIFF, AIFC, SD2, REX and WAV. AudioFinder is optimized for scanning, listening and renaming of samples, using the BPM information very simply and agility.

AudioFinder can be controlled exclusively via the keyboard and mouse, looking and playing hundreds of samples, with a convenient option to copy and / or create an alias on a particular repertoire. It is ideal to gather in one folder a number of samples that will serve for a musical project in particular. Besides his AudioFinder heard from a double click on the file name will open it in our audio editing program preferred.

Likewise, AudioFinder is solving the problem of battery loops aka the Drum Loops, with the possibility of renaming including the number of BPM, thanks to the Tap Pad will allow us to find the right tempo. Ultimately it is a browser very complete and flexible to use samples.





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