Audiostrom Liveprofessor 2.2.1 Crack Mac Osx

Audiostrom Liveprofessor v2.2.1 | Mac OS X | 5MB. 

LiveProfessor is a host of add – oriented Live for Windows and OSX. LiveProfessor makes it easy to create a rack powerful, portable and flexible VST or AU plugins effects. The software was developed in close collaboration with audio professionals with experience in live sound, theater and broadcast, and is used everywhere, from large halls to small clubs, OB trucks bedrooms up and one man bands to theaters .

Server add – oriented live.
It supports a virtually unlimited number of VST plugins and instruments 3.x.
The choice of audio hardware depends entirely on the user.

Flexible audio routing
LiveProfessor has a very flexible routing system can route the audio the way you want.
There sum complement each input, so you can have more than one source to go to the same input.
The outputs of supplements can be divided into any number of destinations (including other accessories) and physical findings may have as many sources as you want.

Snapshot automation
LiveProfessor has extensive snapshot automation. Choose from snapshots to recover individual supplements or global snapshots that remind the entire state of a project.

Both types have filters that allow you to choose which functions must be recovered. This allows you to retrieve just some without changing the settings you need to manually adjust settings during execution.

Cue lists
list cue helps you change the settings LiveProfessor during a performance.
A cue list consists of signals containing one or more actions.
Examples of actions are remembering a snapshot, change the audio patch, send midi messages, change the tempo, etc. Usually you have one or more tracks pr. Song and step through the list during the program to retrieve the correct settings for each song.

Midi modifiers
Each plug has a set of powerful modifiers Midi. These are especially useful for keyboards with features such as transposition, key area and filter.

Hardware drivers
LiveProfessor has an extensive system to use hardware controllers to control parameters ins and program functions.
We have tried to make the system as flexible as possible, but also quick and easy to use.
In addition, each control can be set to respond the way you want.
MIDI clock and MIDI show control

Cue lists can be controlled using MIDI show control, allowing you to control LiveProfessor from an external device. For example, you could trigger list cue from the list of snapshots of a digital mixer or control system as Qlab programs.

The library lets you save and organize snapshots or other parts of a configuration and reuse in subsequent projects.

The design of the window can be saved and retrieved manually in an entry or as part of a snapshot.




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