AutoCrypt 2.3.1 Crack Mac Osx

AutoCrypt 2.3.1 | Mac OS X | 5MB. 

AutoCrypt, is an application encryption / decryption with the document based approach. Using a document, AutoCrypt allows the user to save a document in all configurations used to encrypt or decrypt files collections using a powerful AES-256 algorithm. With these documents, AutoCrypt can be used for batch encryption and decryption of a large number of files in one click.

AutoCrypt uses the latest technology Apple:
– Sandbox: the application works at the highest level of security
– Curriculum vitae: the application will reopen at the point and declare that the user left
– Autosave: application is saved with the functionality of autosave Mac OS X
– Versions: the user can see previous versions of documents and restore any previous version
– Full screen: the user can change at any time using the full screen mode and full screen macOS native commands
– asynchronous tasks




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