basICColor Smartt 3.0 Crack Mac Osx

basICColor Smartt 3.0 | macOS | 424 MB.

basICColor Smartt is a new and powerful tool for creating press quality testing in high – end LCD screens. Smartt combines the basic requirements for calibration, validation, visualization and communication software package easy to use. Other programs such as browsers or display supplements are not required.

Smartt provides visual and measurable way, the highest quality of color accuracy equal to a digital test, while achieving a better combination of the print data with print, especially in the case of spot colors.
When compared with a conventional digital test, Smartt can show easily and effectively separations and overprinting behavior of individual colors. Smartt also allows the immediate visualization and comparison of different output profiles and display purposes.
You can display important metadata such as fonts, PDF version information and calibration parameters, with each test. Only with these characteristics, basICColor Smartt already offers a real benefit compared to a hard test.

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