BeLight Art Text 3.2.5 Crack Mac Osx

BeLight Art Text 3.2.5 | Mac OS X | 646 MB. 

Art Text is the graphic design software to create stunning illustrations, such as logos, brochures, logos, headers and social icons, models text, graphics and buttons on websites, captions, word art, and 3D text. Both professional and amateur designers will be amazed by the selection of tools and diverse collections of content, all in a slick and intuitive interface.

  • customizable templates – 70+ templates made help with the logo design, produce fine art of the word, web elements and captions.
  • Fill tools – 100 preset gradients, 540+ 140+ textures and shading materials.
  • 2D effects – Adjustable shade and brightness effects, more than 30 masks.
  • Graphic Content – 750+ vector icons, symbols and shapes, Flash 32, flare, sparkle and objects trace of light, 570+ backgrounds and textures.
  • 3D Materials – Custom 3D materials using textures 200+, 140+ surfaces bump map textures over 80 environmental map.
  • 3D effects – Apply shadow or glow soft edges of 3D objects. Use the tools of optical effects to make objects out of focus background.
  • Geometry transformations – Apply 24 forms processing texts in 2D or 3D to bend, deform or give the text a wavy shape.
  • Result Sharing – Share the art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a single click, or export to an image file for use virtually anywhere.

What’s new


  • More than 20 samples that demonstrate the capabilities of text art
  • 70+ pre-designed templates aimed at the rapid creation of the word art, logos and buttons
  • 3D rendering engine introduced to create beautiful 3D text and logo
  • Just one click to convert text in 2D or 3D form
  • It added content layer preview in the layer tree, important for hidden objects

2D editing tools

  • 750+ shapes drawn by hand, paint stains, stains, watercolor
  • 30 + masks give textures old, scratched and many other effects
  • 540+ textures seamless tile
  • 30+ special items that simulate flash, flash, brightness and light trace
  • 100 preset gradients
  • Gradient Oval tool

3D effects

  • 140+ 3D materials
  • Coloring input function makes it possible to change the color of 3D material pattern texture preserving
  • 3D support materials roughened surfaces: choose from over 140 relief maps supplied
  • Brightness controls allow you to adjust the brightness of 3D materials
  • The properties of advanced 3D material include ambient, diffuse and specular colors and brightness
  • 23 adjustable transformations specific forms for 3D objects
  • focal length allows partial text blur 3D perspective view
  • Over 80 textures environment
  • Lighting tool helps create the model of light – group of light sources with different parameters
  • 3D objects have the ability to cast shadows soft edges

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