Data Extractor 1.7 Crack Mac Osx

Data Extractor 1.7 | Mac OS X | 9 MB. 

Data Extractor can extract data in a dispersed form contained within files and compile them into an internal structured table. The collected data can be exported at any time in various formats (CSV, TSV, HTML, Custom). Data extractor can analyze thousands of files in a few seconds and collect all the raw data. Uses simple instructions on how to recognize data, how to extract and where to put the data in a structured table, ready to be exported.

Transform order or general data received by e – mail records in a database (Data Extractor can directly analyze emails pointing to your mailbox on your hard drive)
Collect command received as output from the server when it is not inserted directly into a database
extract the data from the files one by one, also dragging them through drag and drop
can process folders extracting all files within nested to any level
Turn the data provided in one format to another when the first format uses a recognizable pattern with labels to identify the data fields
Positions column adjustable data
Extract data from files where the data are written in a single file with separate register for one distinctive chain
Extract data file where records are separated by new line with fields, all in a line identified only by tags
extract data from text document with ambiguous and non – exclusive labels, using special tags that can be used to indicate to Data Extractor where really begin collecting data.
Scan files only if they meet certain characteristics
Extract data only if they meet certain characteristics
Extract the data also when specified by more than one label (can put a different extraction in the same destination field)
can use the ‘Case Sensitive’ option data labels




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