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Findings 2.0.3 (macOS) | 27.52 MB


Findings is a notebook app for scientists. When running experiments in a lab, it is crucial to keep track of what one is doing, to be able to later reproduce the results, assemble and publish them. This is what lab notebooks are for. For as long as science has existed, lab notebooks have been made of paper. There is something great about paper, and the freedom and flexibility it affords. But in 2014, paper starts to show its limits in other areas where computers have taken over: storing results, analyzing data, searching, replicating, sharing, preserving, and more. Findings ambition is simple: make your computer a better tool than paper to run experiments and keep lab records.
Version 2.0.2:
NEW Table editing separate from the document editor, giving more space to scroll and manipulate the table content.
IMPROVED Remember main window size and position.
IMPROVED The ‘Format’ and ‘Insert’ menus adapt better to the current content.
IMPROVED Draws checkmarks for done paragraphs in print, PDF export and journal.
IMPROVED Make it easier to delete a day header, by having a delete button.
IMPROVED Pasting from Excel now creates a table, not a PDF.
IMPROVED Quick animations after using the ‘copy’ button for attachments and tables, to clearly indicate the “copy” action has happened.
IMPROVED Quicklook panel now follows the key window, to display the attachments of the selected entry or protocol.
IMPROVED Showing button bars also for attachments that don’t have a preview image.
IMPROVED Adds items for individual days and other useful options in the calendar preset menu for the pdf and print options.
IMPROVED Double-click on attachment file icon and name can also be used to edit an attachment file.
IMPROVED Alphabetical sorting of documents is now case-insensitive.
IMPROVED Better vertical alignment for level-1 headers that are not protocol headers.
IMPROVED Changing sidebar background to lighter color when not key window.
IMPROVED Disabling paragraph type menu for protocol headers, because they can’t be applied.
IMPROVED Enables indentation menu items for normal paragraphs as well.
IMPROVED Hide ‘Header’ level 1 option when editing a protocol, because they can’t be used in protocols.
FIX Multiple issues with table editing.
FIX Bugs with collection sync.
FIX Editing of entries would be disabled because of a wrong way to check license code validity.
FIX Actually fixes issue with the preference for including a link to Findings in PDF export, as was falsely promised in the release notes of 2.0.1. Sorry about that!
FIX No more empty “zombie” experiments that would come back to life for some users after restarting the app, even if deleted.
FIX Insert dragged attachments at the correct position in the text, not at the end.
FIX Correctly applies the date range when printing a single document.
FIX Failure to type a composed character on an empty new line (e.g. for Asian languages, or accented characters).
FIX Pasting text into a fixed-width paragraph now correctly keeps it fixed-width.
FIX Correctly includes the background color when copying and pasting in-document stickies (except when pasting within another sticky).
FIX No more overlay of timestamps over the dash or number in a list.
FIX Search within document failed when query included uppercase characters.
FIX Placeholder ‘No Document’ or ‘Multiple Documents’ sometimes missing.
FIX Do not make main window front upon app activation unless there is no other visible window.
FIX Removing mysterious and useless ‘+’ button from the action bar for standalone stickies.
FIX Fixing potential issue with Quicklook panel.
FIX Fix missing content for numbered paragraphs for standalone stickies or in-document stickies in PDF export.
FIX Fixing issue with output for subsequent standalone stickies in PDF export.
FIX No more spurious empty lines when copying from completed entry.
FIX Correctly displaying tables from protocols inserted into an experiment.
FIX Fixing issue with clicking on URLs when more than one url in the paragraph.
FIX Menu item ‘Copy Document Link’ was not working for individual document windows.
CRASH Crash triggered when editing tables or resizing table columns.
CRASH Crash when using the date filter.
CRASH Occasional crash when changing the content of a paragraph.
CRASH Occasional crash when loading a standalone sticky or timer.
CRASH Occasional crash when loading the filter buttons.
CRASH Rare crash in Dropbox sync setup upon router or network error.
CRASH Rare crash in PDF export, for some experiment titles




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