Download Solis 1.0.5 – Code`s editors integrator. Crack For Mac Osx

Solis 1.0.5 – Code`s editors integrator.

Solis 1.0.5

Solis for Mac is a Live Design That Integrates seamlessly Output With your favorite code editor. Real-time preview and preview multiple HTML, CSS, LESS and SCSS windows as you type. A powerful Addition to your web design workflow.

Multiple Viewports

Effortlessly draw, resize and arrange multiple viewports that simultaneously display your live code. It couldn’t be easier.

Real Time Preview

Instantly preview HTML, CSS, SCSS and LESS as you write it.

Live Reload

Changes made to the files in your project are identified and automatically displayed across all viewports, saving you time.

Developer Tools

Get access to the powerful WebKit developer inspector which supports individual isolated code debugging for each viewport.

Edit Faster

Save time with quick access to all of the files in your project. With a click the files are instantly opened in your regular editing app.

Multiple Workspaces

With just a few clicks, you can store your own custom workspaces and quickly switch between them while you work, it’s that simple.


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