Dropshare 5.0.2 Crack Mac Osx

Dropshare 5.0.2 | 18.6 MB

Your very own secure file sharing tool! Dropshare is a menu bar app that enables you to drag & drop upload files, screenshots and even directories to your own server or Amazon S3 to share them with anyone you like!

No longer have your shared files on servers provided by companies you don’t even know – easily set up Dropshare and share whatever file you like by only drag&dropping it on the menu bar icon, securely saved on your own server.

To have Dropshare working correctly, you have to have either..

..a server of your choice and a working SSH user account at your disposal. Dropshare works with Secure Copy (SCP over SSH), therefore either a password (for keyboard authentication) or a private key (for public key authentication), as well as a web server set up to serve the uploaded files is required.

..or, if you don’t have an own server or SSH account at your disposal, we offer uploading to your own Amazon S3 bucket!

Optionally, Dropshare creates a landing page for each file shared, with either a default template or your very own design. If you’re a professional, it’s a perfect way to share files with clients on a professional level. And even if you share files with friends and family, you’ll love how easy it is.

All features at a glance:

– Very easy file sharing, using your own server – keep control over your data!
– Secure upload (SCP over SSH) via password (keyboard authentication) or private key (public key authentication), or secure upload to your own Amazon S3 bucket!
– Uploads every file type and even directories (which will be compressed to a .zip prior uploading)
– Upload image data, files and folders or plain text / rich text from clipboard using a user-defined keyboard shortcut, e.g. images from Preview, or screenshots
– Upload queue: Upload as many files as you want at a time, simply drag & drop them onto the menu bar icon.
– Optionally automatically uploads screenshots taken with OS X and copies the sharing URL to your clipboard (also optionally delete them afterwards to save space on disk)
– History of recent uploads including preview images in the drop down menu, also complete history of all files ever uploaded available
– 1-Click-Delete shared files from your server / S3 if you no longer want to share them
– Optionally shorten the URL to your shared file with either a built-in or your own custom URL shortener (compatible with bit.ly and others)
– Optionally enable landing pages for each upload, which shows a preview image, text or video if possible and displays the file size prior downloading – use a default or your very own design!
– Drag & drop upload from other applications (e.g. images from Safari)
– Upload from the OS X Services menu
– Image preview: Hover over an uploaded image or screenshot to get a larger preview
– Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 connections (for SCP over SSH)

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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