EJ Technologies JProfiler 11.0 Crack Mac Osx

EJ Technologies JProfiler 11.0 | Mac OS X | 144 MB. 

JProfiler is a powerful tool you can use to profile a Java – based and allows you to dynamically analyze hoping to optimize performance applications. 

Exceptional ease of use
When you make a profile, you need the most powerful tool you can get. At the same time, you do not want to waste time learning to use the tool. JProfiler is just that: simple and powerful at the same time. Session configuration is simple, third – party integrations make it very easy to start and data profiling occur naturally. At all levels, JProfiler has been carefully designed to help you start solving their problems. 

Calls to databases are the main reasons for performance problems in commercial applications. JDBC and JPA / Hibernate JProfiler probes as well as probes for NoSQL MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase show the reasons for the slow access to the database and how the code calls the slow statements. From the view timeline JDBC showing all JDBC connections with their activities, through the view of hot spots showing slow statements to various views of telemetry and a list of individual events, probes database are essential to obtain information on their database layer tool. 

Excellent support for Java Enterprise Edition
Dedicated support for JEE is present in most views in JProfiler. For example, the aggregation level JEE, you see the call tree JEE in terms of components in application. In addition, the call tree is divided for each request URI. Furthermore, JProfiler adds a semantic layer on the profile data of low level, as JDBC calls, JPA / Hibernate, JMS and JNDI presented in the profile views of the CPU. With its support JEE, JProfiler bridges the gap between a code profiler tool and a high – level JEE monitoring. 

JProfiler has a number of surveys showing higher level of data interesting subsystems in the JRE. In addition to Java EE subsystems as JDBC, JPA / Hibernate, JSP / Servlets, JMS, web services and JNDI, JProfiler also presents high-level information on RMI calls, files, sockets and processes. Each of these probes has its own set of useful views that provides general information, highlights performance issues and lets you track unique events. And what’s more, all these views are also available for your own custom probes that can be configured on the fly within JProfiler.




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