Fluid Browser 1.6 Crack Mac Osx

Fluid Browser 1.6 | Mac OS X | 8 MB. 

Fluid Browser is a floating browser created to see your favorite media like Netflix and YouTube with your work. Fluid Browser works like any other browser, however, once Fluid Browser only displays multimedia content or web, hiding all other browser features. 

There is only so much space on your computer screen, Fluid Browser takes full advantage. Fluid Browser floats on top of running applications and can easily be changed. Fluid Browser gives users full control over transparency with a simple touch of button to view and work behind the content.

Finally, Fluid Browser is beyond the media. Load or drag PDFs, images or movies (for now .mp4, .mov coming soon) in the browser to increase productivity or reference work. 

Use Fluid Browser:
– Watch Netflix while writing paper 
– Watch YouTube while shopping online 
– Watch a tutorial while working with Photoshop 
– Learn to code while using Xcode 
– Watch Twitch while playing Minecraft 
– And much more! 

List of compatible media websites to see from one end to another:
– Youtube 
– Netflix 
– Vimeo 
– Youku 
– sites cable providers such as CNN, Fox News and others



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