Hobo 1.5.1 Crack Mac Osx

Hobo 1.5.1 | macOS | 9 MB.

Hobo is the easiest way to control your boxes Vagrant Vagrant and edit on your Mac. You can start, stop and quickly recharge their machines Vagrant. And you can easily create a new Vagrantfile from scratch. 

What it does:
     • Start, stop, reload and destroy Vagrant environments. 
     • Novice users can launch new Vagrant environments with two clicks. 
     • SSH on your machine Vagrant with one click. 
     • Easily share your Vagrant machine using the Atlas of Hashicorp. 
     • Create new .hobo files that are compiled into Vagrant files. 
     • Configuring unlimited forward ports. 
     • Synchronize multiple local directories with Vagrant machines.
     • Choose any box quickly Atlas as a basis for your machine. 
     • Keep Vagrantfile commands and provisioning commands in a file. 
     • Use any provider virtual machine. 
     • Automatically generates your Vagrantfile.





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