Hyperdock 1.8 Crack Mac Osx

Hyperdock 1.8 | Mac OS X | 8 MB. 

New and modern features to your Dock. 
HyperDock lives up to its name as it expands the functions the Mac OS X Dock includes default.
HyperDock adds to your Dock highly anticipated features: select individual application windows just by moving the mouse in a coupling element, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows and more.

It previews of the window
you ever wondered how to turn a single window instead of a complete application?
Bubble Preview window displays each of the windows of an application by simply holding your mouse over a base.
Even it displays windows and minimized windows of other spaces and is fully aware of drag and drop.

Control iTunes
Pass the mouse over the element base iTunes to view information about the current song. You can pause, skip, rate songs and even adjust the volume by simply scroll through the iTunes icon.

Calendar events
Take a look at your upcoming events by placing the item in the dock Calendar.

Window management
HyperDock offers advanced window management for Mac OS:
Move and resize windows by simply holding down the keys and moving the mouse.
Automatically resize windows when dragging the screen edges (adjustment window).
Powerful shortcuts
HyperDock adds fully configurable to your database application shortcuts.
Assign keyboard shortcuts and mouse to the elements of the dock to hide or close applications, start Expose, open Safari tabs, Finder Windows and more.




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