IDM UltraCompare 18.00 Crack Mac Osx

IDM UltraCompare THE 18.00 | Mac OS X | 68 MB. 

UltraCompare gives you the ability to quickly compare 2 or 3 files from multiple locations at once, and merge conflicts and differences visually.

Whether you prefer a darker look or a more classic white mask based on the interface UltraCompare is fully subject and comes with several themes handmade in IDM. If you design a topic you would like to share with the rest of our users, send a pull request on GitHub, or simply email it to our support team.

Compare 2 or 3 files at once
Merge differences
Filter Compare view to show only matches or differences
Comparison Table (Excel, CSV)
Ignores white space, line terminators, specific lines and
Manually set text compare starting point
Edit text files as compared
Paste and compare snippets of text
Preview HTML files in browser
Compares files from the Internet via URL
Compare files and folders from FTP / SFTP
scans and browse differences with mini-map
Compare Word documents (.doc / .docx), PDF and RTF files
compare files (.zip, .jar, .rar )
Synchronize folders quickly and easily
find and resolve duplicate files
Save and reuse your most used comparisons sessions
drag and drop folders and files to compare
Integrate with Windows Explorer
integrated with Subversion, CVS, Visual SourceSafe, Perforce and
Change application and compare colors with topics
Show comparison vertically or horizontally




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