JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.1.2 Crack Mac Osx

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.1.2 | Mac OS X | 146 MB. 

Software Rip Curl & Tape Photo Effects collage 
2 years of development, 3 years of prototypes and many hours in the art department, Rip Studio redefines everything you know about a collaging application. It offers super ripped and cut borders realistic, ribbon, wrinkled and folded images and curly edges with 3D shading. All with an amazing interface that handles Flattened flow problems while easy -to -use remains.

Rip study gives you control over every element created within the application. Rip, tear or cut edges around the image drawing. CURL edges and wrinkling the surface, simply by adjusting a slider. Behind the scene of a powerful 3D engine light works for superficial wrinkles and wrinkles appear realistic; this adjustable light source will have shadows that pop off the page. Complete creative composition with a ribbon effect, or choose from a library of objects such as pins, staples, nails and oxidized gems. Each rip performs or tape place is unique and one-of-a-kind!

Designed for professionals who want striking elements for their designs and compositions. quickly tearing shapes and letters by drawing around your image. Create objects paper advertisements, covers of music, art collages and scrapbook pages with one-of-a-kind cut, torn, taped and made forms based images or other clip. Rip Studio you can pull boring templates used in excess and create a piece as a total control over the shape, width, fiber, texture and curl.

Built with Rip Studio PRO features easily create one amazing piece or a whole collage from right inside the app! Built with a workflow powerful, you can quickly add images simply by selecting them from your library and dropping them all at once in the open application. As each image is placed a layer is created to facilitate the composition, editing and processing. To finish your composition, choose from a library of gems, pins and staples; or add transparent tape, adhesive tape and tape for added interest.

With a focus on the usability, they ripped pieces can freely create drawing image or background, if much ripped out simply reverse the tool and add back area. Also included in the application is an image tool to allow photos to resize or rotate inside the torn pieces; or you have the option to completely replace the image without losing shape. This powerful feature allows professionals to create custom templates for future use and allows projects to be shared with other artists.




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