Labyrinths of the World: When Worlds Collide Crack Mac Osx

Labyrinths of the World: When Worlds Collide Collector’s Edition | 1.68 GB

Domini Games proudly presents the next exciting chapter of Mazes World Series!

You have been hired by the British Library as a consultant! You and your sister are eager to deepen, but things quickly take a darker turn when absorbed by a dangerous book! Up to you to travel across new worlds to save her. Do you have what it takes to stop an evil conqueror and survive the deadly arena? Discover this exciting puzzle adventure with hidden objects!

See what our Beta testers had to say:
“Love Love Love this game! The graphics are great, the music is great, the hidden object puzzles are well done. I think everyone will enjoy this. It ‘s been a while since I’ve been so excited about a game comes out!” – Riley, Beta Tester 
“great game, I love it all the graphics are beautiful, the music is nice, the acting is good and the story is interesting I enjoyed the other games in the series; this is no exception!.! “- Madison, Beta Tester

  • Learn more about Worlds of Order and Chaos in the bonus chapter.
  • You’d never miss the Strategy Guide!
  • Find hidden collectibles to discover more about the game world!
  • Enjoy exclusive music, concept art and more!


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