Librarian Pro 4.0.9 Crack Mac Osx

Librarian Pro 4.0.9 | Mac OS X | 34 MB. 

Designed for collectors
all collect something, whether seals, movies, games, music, books or wine. Librarian Pro brings sophistication and class to manage your collection! Explore all your items at a glance on a virtual shelf, in a list or Cover Flow. 
Graphic material and information article is downloaded easily and automatically from the web. Even track what items you’ve loaned to friends; or, for small businesses, go so far as to register late fees and expiration dates. 

Complete inventory control
If you are managing a complete inventory of items for sale on eBay, or using Librarian Pro to track which friend borrowed movies, features for advanced users Librarian Pro will make your life very easy. 
Make the most of optical recognition technology, use your webcam or scanner physical bar code to add items to your library or manage inventory. Mark items as provided to specific users, track on the calendar on your computer, send emails automatically or display alerts. Rates even manage delay and expiration dates.

Other highlights

Types of predefined elements that come with a variety of fields to enter all the information you could want. 
Create smart collections that include automatically based on a set of criteria that specify elements. Want to quickly view all movies with Christian Bale? Fact! 
Import and Export
Easily import titles from our competitors and other common file formats. Export easily to view as a web page or in our Data Guardian app! 
Support Multi-Database
Create an unlimited number of databases: one for each collection that owns! 
isolating duplicate
Easily identify and remove the duplicates from the library elements. 
Compatible with Mac and PC
A database will work on both your Mac and your PC.




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