Mac DVDRipper Pro 8.0 Crack Mac Osx

Mac DVDRipper Pro 8.0 | Mac OS X | 492 MB. 


DVDs are a means of transferring data very popular: you can use them to share multimedia content, to back up their projects and important documents, and more. Mac DVDRipper Pro is an application for Mac OS X that can help you transfer data written to a DVD to your computer. By copying the DVD on your hard drive, it also keeps an exact copy of your DVD and can compress each movie on the fly, making them visible video iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and many more.

Detects and automatically scans DVDs inserted in your reader
Mac DVDRipper Pro monitors your DVD at all times and as soon as a new DVD is inserted, allows you to define multiple actions. You also have the option to specify the output location. The application offers the possibility to extract all the videos, menus and bonuses, can extract a complete disk image (including the option to burn a copy), you can transfer only the main movie, you can extract the data and convert, and you can mount the unit is not encrypted.

Customize the behavior of ripping and conversion.
Most Mac DVDRipper Pro features can be activated via the main application window, but you can customize the overall behavior of the application through the Preferences. Among other customization options, you can choose to automatically start the extraction process when the DVD is inserted and eject when the process ends. In addition, Mac DVDRipper Pro supports audio notifications and can display an alert if the DVD is recorded twice. In addition, you can adjust the quality of video coding, or choose to import media to your iTunes library.

Direct extraction solution DVD
Mac DVDRipper Pro proposes simple but highly efficient to copy the contents of your DVDs without having to deal with complex tools solutions. The application can perform multiple actions consecutively, it allows you to extract only the data that interest you and can convert the copied content: in general, can be a very useful addition your software collection.





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