NCH ​​Disketch Plus 4.03 Crack Mac Osx

NCH ​​Disketch Plus 4.03 | Mac OS X | 3 MB. 

Disc Labeling software to create, customize and easily print labels and covers for any project CD, DVD or Blu Ray. Get this CD labeling software …

Use Disketch Label Maker for creating labels for CDs and DVDs, as well as cover images for jewelry boxes. You can import your own artwork or set a simple background color and organize artist information along with track lists.

Features disc labeling
Creating labels CD, DVD or Blu-Ray
Import your own photos to create custom backgrounds and decks disc
Print on adhesive labels or directly to printable discs *
Move and superimpose easily text and images to design labels
Choose from a variety of text styles
Format, resize and align your text easily
Import track names directly from a CD in your drive
Change the background color of the disc
Export to send files to a printer
manually adjust the print position on a page




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