Ortelius 2.1.2 Crack Mac Osx

Ortelius 2.1.2 | Mac OS X | 82 MB. 

Ortelius is a vector drawing application with all functions, especially for map design. Draw directly with features such as roads, rivers, coastlines, buildings, symbols and contours. Ortelius is known for its exclusive “Pluggable tracks” and its experts stacked styles that facilitate tracing map features tedious. Each object supports data attributes that can be referenced by text labels, and everything you can draw and position simply dragging and dropping.

Although Ortelius is emphatically not a GIS, it has limited support for importing shapefiles (see the documentation for best results, the re-projection is not supported). Powerful and extensive text features give a high degree of control over labeling. Create your own styles and symbols or use any of the many built hundreds. Layers and layer groups maintain their organized labor.





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