Parallels Desktop Business Edition 14.1.2 [45479] Crack Mac Osx

Parallels Desktop Business Edition 14.1.2 [45479] | Mac OS X | 202 MB. 

Run Windows on your Mac

Over simplest form, fast and powerful running Windows on a Mac without rebooting!

  • Run thousands of Windows programs on your Mac
  • Migrate from PC to Mac has never been so easy
  • Reusing an existing Boot Camp partition
  • Parallels Toolbox includes: essential utilities for Mac

The preferred option of more than 5 million users and the best choice according to experts

All editions include these essential functions

Run thousands of Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Access, Quicken, QuickBooks, Visual Studio and even games with a high consumption of graphics and CAD software without affecting the performance or speed reset. Parallels Desktop 12 is fully optimized for Windows 10 and prepared for MacOS Sierra. 

Run Windows and Mac applications in parallel 
Enjoy both Windows and need. Different display modes allow you to control the level of integration between Mac and Windows.

The transfer from PC to Mac has never been easier 
Easily transfer the entire contents of your current PC (operating system, documents, applications, games and even your browser bookmarks) to your Mac.

Enhanced Windows Installation 
Installing Windows on your Mac is easier than ever. Easy and intuitive wizard guides you through the entire process, including purchasing license Windows 10 (if needed).

Already you are using Boot Camp? 
Easily convert your Windows partition in Boot existing to a new virtual machine Parallels Desktop Camp.

Not only for Windows 
Run a wide range of operating systems: MacOS, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7, Linux, Google Chrome and many others.

Incredible performance 
Windows applications resource – intensive run perfectly without slowing down your Mac and Microsoft Office is faster than ever.

Setting a click 
Now you can optimize the performance of the virtual machine with one click and thus easily get the performance you need. 

Extra features of Pro Edition

Designed given to developers, professional users and other advanced users. The Pro version offers more processing power, up to 64GB of vRAM and 16 vCPUs per VM. It includes integrated debugging tools, without peripheral mode for virtual machines, nested virtualization reversal mode and compatibility with most popular development tools such as Visual Studio, Vagrant, Jenkins and many more. uninterrupted support by phone and email.

Extra features Business Edition

Designed for use in work environments, Parallels Desktop Business Edition includes all the features of the Pro version and uninterrupted support via email and telephone. It allows to easily centralized management, has mass deployment capabilities, has a site license management and provides advanced security controls.

  • Optimized and prepared for macOS Sierra




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