Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 Crack Mac Osx

Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 | Mac OS X | 19 MB. 

Chroma Mask is the software to mask and cut using Chroma Key. You can mask and trim the subject automatically while shooting and display the subject clipped against a new background. 

You can save color corrections with a background as a “theme” so it will always be possible spontaneous outbreaks. In addition to using the popular green and blue background to mask, Chroma Key also lets you use the red channel. This is usually avoided in photography of people, as skin tones are rich reds, but it can be a great solution for products that have a lot of shooting blue or green. 

– Automatically removes a green background, blue or red while taking photos.
– Our correction spill special color color eliminates reflections caused by background and retrieves the original color of the subject. 
– Easy adjustment of the mask edge mode. 
– Support 3D LUT for color grading the subject (for example, to match the background) 
– Keep the background image along with 3D LUT as a “theme” 
– blur the background image 
– Detects, loading and masks new images automatically chained to take 

compared to our well – established software masking Mask Integrator, Chroma Mask has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is advisable to choose carefully between these two applications. 

The advantages of Chroma Keys on masking with backlight
– The image containing the subject is the image used for the mask trimmed by color channel. A fast moving subject or hair blows presents no problem. 
– When using an infinite color cove is very easy to mask subjects from top to bottom. 
– The shadows cast by the subject can be transferred to the new background using a lighter hue values compression. 

Chroma Keys disadvantages compared with masking with backlight 
– Extremely fine details such as skin or hair can be masked better with backlit photography.
– A backlit image generally has a better contrast than a channel of one color and, therefore, allows smoother transitions at edges or semitransparent materials when used. 

Preferred applications for chroma mask: 
– Shot of a subject for another fund (composition) 
– Lema shooting 
– Photo Booth 
– Product Photography





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