Polaric – GetSOCIAL 1.0 Crack Mac Osx

Polaric – GetSOCIAL 1.0 | Final Cut Pro X | 20 MB. 

GetSOCIAL was created to simplify and visually represent social communication. No more small screens filming.
Social networks come alive when combined with the human element that tries to capture. It is an integral part of life and can now easily be a part of their projects in the future. Save yourself the headache and keep projects progressing with its simple design.

What I can do with GetSOCIAL? 
Use GetSOCIAL to incorporate and highlight messages, notifications / popups and many social networking platforms.
GetSOCIAL is perfect for travel, sports, shopping, vlogs and almost any electronic communication project.

Simple and customizable
The templates were designed and animated to allow a painless experience in disseminating its content and message within a few clicks.
GetSOCIAL lets you customize the look, feel and format of almost all templates. There is no rabbit hole to suck all your time, but enough to adapt each template to your liking.
Choose from multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.


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