Postbox 6.1.10 Crack Mac Osx

Postbox 6.1.10 | Mac OS X | 57 MB. 

Postbox is an email client easy to use that was specifically designed so you can control multiple email accounts easily in one centralized interface. With postbox you can take full advantage of all your email accounts with centralized search, editing and organization tools that will definitely increase your productivity and make your life easier.

To enable this centralized use, PortBox continuously scans your email in the background, building a large database of your texts, contacts, addresses, links, images, attachments and documents that can be easily searched. With a powerful search engine, you will never miss anything or change of place. You can also use the scan option.

Interface Postbox is very well organized, allowing professional users to completely customize your email experience, which can help them increase their productivity and reduce time spent in exploring sometimes hundreds and thousands of emails until you find the one. Users can locate emails easily, tag or read incoming messages, correspondence monitor with email lists in “Conversation View” integrate their Gmail accounts, and more. As for safety, all the cataloging and classification of messages is carried out on your local PC, ensuring that only you have access to all incoming and archived messages.





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