Scherlokk 3.7.0 (37021) Crack Mac Osx

Scherlokk 3.7.0 (37021) | Mac OS X | 4 MB. 

Cherlokk is a useful utility very fast file search for accurate and reliable for each file that meets the search criteria. Music, images, bookmarks, documents, etc. You can be found quickly and easily. The search can be performed in any kind of compilation volume, portable volume (pen drives, memory cards, USB drives), network drive (AFP, SMB, FTP), etc.

No matter if the searched file is hidden or system. The file need not even be indexed by OS X to be found by Scherlokk. When looking for a size range, Scherlokk calculates and displays all folders that fit the range.

Why use Scherlokk rather than Spotlight:
• Scherlokk looking for ‘real’ files instead Spotlight index. The index is not always updated and does not contain all files.
• Scherlokk displays search results in a flat or hierarchical view helps determine which file is the one you need and how files are located in the folder structure.
• clean and easy to use interface.

What files can find Scherlokk?
As Scherlokk not based on Spotlight index, and has its own powerful search engine, you will find all files in any accessible volume of your computer.

Scherlokk can compare any files (text or binary) and shows their differences, taking into account the insertions or deletions. Uses a sophisticated algorithm to find similar blocks in both files and displays them as a list of differences. Try it and you’ll love it !

Quick Search
Scherlokk is a lightweight and extremely fast application. This provides a high speed search even when many applications are opened.

File Compare
Scherlokk can compare any files (text or binary) and shows their differences, taking into account the insertions or deletions.

Your search result
The list of search results can be sorted by any order. Files in the list you can see, open and display in the Finder. The user can restrict the search result filtering file names, file sizes or types.

Unwanted files
Files are searched in all subfolders (system, hidden, etc.). Packages (eg, applications) can be excluded from the search. You can also find folders that meet the specified criteria.

Open as many windows as needed search, searching files simultaneously in different locations.

Every time you open the program, read from the preferences and restores its settings.






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